What’s it all about?

“A Beginning is a very delicate time.” Those words are as true when starting a blog as they were introducing the science fiction epic Dune.

Experienced bloggers suggest, “it’s essential to identify the scope of subjects to be covered.” It may also be helpful for the reader to know if they are invited to comment and enter the conversation. I hope that readers and visitors will join in a dialogue about the subjects raised.

With this platform, I’ll try to do four things.

First, discuss a few things about the stories I have written, or am currently working on. I invite feedback from my readers–what moved you? What bored you? What was confusing? Or what else did you want?

Second. The future envisioned in The Doorkeeper’s Secrets includes a radical revision (some might say renewal) of the social dynamics in the culture. How such changes might impact our society is a question I would like to discuss. What other changes would you like to see or not see in later installments?

But I believe most important is the examination of the economic assumptions that have guided policies for centuries. If we are to get to a future that is more respectful, egalitarian and compassionate, we must look at how people are rewarded for their skill, energy, wisdom, and life-blood.

Finally, it may be of most interest to other writers, I am told, that writers should say some things about their writing process.

I invite you to join in a dialogue about the subjects raised. I want to encourage a respectful, probing, and thoughtful conversation about the issues.

Also important is what we do not want to discuss. Most of us have strongly held beliefs and positions on the current state of our nation, world, environment, religion, and our political leaders or processes. There are many places to air our views on those subjects. We don’t need another.

What I want to focus on are the positive steps and changes we can envision for tomorrow. Once we picture a better future, we can begin the steps to get there.

Welcome to my world


Since February of 2014, I have spent a few hours most days in another world. No, not an alien abduction, nor a secret passage through a wardrobe or rabbit hole. I could say this place is my creation. Or that it’s the culmination of my hopes, values, and ideas. Or just maybe, I could tell you a little more of the truth.

The story of the Doorkeeper’s Secrets (and the books that will follow) came to me in a dream. I told my wife the story. She said, “You should write that up.” Of course, I had to put some flesh on the bones. After 270,000 words, I found a stopping place.

The next two-plus years were spent learning about writing fiction, publishing, and editing. Now at 128,000 words, it’s much better for you, dear reader.

So what’s this future like? It’s imperfect. Greed and stupidity raise their ugly heads. Some in power want to stay that way, even if it means disregarding the principles everyone is “required” to observe. Deception, kidnapping, and murder are tactics employed by the few, who would have it all.

But for the most part life in 2094 is pleasant.

There is no unemployment. More to the point, everyone has a job they are fully qualified for and like. Each person’s work fits his or her gifts and inclinations.

Homelessness is a thing of the past. Everyone has a dwelling sufficient to meet their needs. As situations change (i.e., increase or decrease in family size) different accommodations, in line with the new conditions, are made available.

Everyone receives the highest quality medical care. In fact, all are expected to see a doctor, nutritionist, and counselor at least annually.

Poverty, hunger, or violent crime are basically non-existent. However, security forces are much smaller than today. More about those ideas in future blogs.

I invite you to join me as we follow Marie on her journey of discovery, danger, and service.