The Doorkeeper’s Secrets

coverimageSecrets abound in 2094. The welfare of human life hinges on the actions of five people: a medical researcher, a former-CIA agent, a U.S. Senator, a disgraced military officer and Marie, a Doorkeeper.

Marie has secrets including some unusual abilities she is just discovering. Secrets have been kept from her about her origins, and capabilities. Much is expected of her, and that fact also has been concealed until now.

Her life is interrupted to take an emergency placement. In her first week on the job, she discovers well-funded powerful individuals are seeking to undermine everything she was raised to believe as true and right.

Further complicating her first week, Marie learns that her predecessor was kidnapped and murdered and that her home-office is believed to hold secrets others are willing to kill to obtain. Every new secret she uncovers increases her danger.

Help comes from unexpected places. But a single misstep can take her life–and with her the future of humanity.

It does seem like a lot to put on a 19-year-old in the first week of her first job.



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