The Doorkeeper’s Secrets

December 17, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Reviewed By Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

The Doorkeeper’s Secrets by E.L. Morrow is set in the distant future, a moment in history when power has metamorphosed tremendously and a few people have succeeded in holding humanity a kind of hostage through political machinations and intrigue. Readers are introduced to four powerful characters who hold the destiny of millions in their hands — a doorkeeper, a retired CIA agent, a US Senator, and an ex-military officer. Society lives under a new rule, with the government ensuring that everyone gets what they want, but few are aware that they have virtually lost their sense of freedom and are controlled. Those who can’t abide by the laws move to the Un-Structured States where disorder and mayhem prevail. It is against this backdrop that the ordinary doorkeeper, Marie, becomes very aware of her unique gifts, which can attract trouble for her — and they certainly do get her into a lot of trouble. 

E.L. Morrow shows a great ability to imagine a world that excites the minds of readers, a world that might seem unfamiliar, yet feels so real to the reader. The characters are well-imagined and crafted to keep the reader spellbound. Marie is one of those characters readers will love to follow, a character that surprises as she explores new layers of her identity. The setting is constructed to leave the reader with vivid images of places and strong ideas of the political and social circumstances prevalent at the time. The Doorkeeper’s Secrets explores the psychological depths of a woman caught up in a political game she never saw coming, a fast-paced thriller with powerful dystopian themes and a strong conflict. It is both engaging and entertaining.

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