The Doorkeeper’s Mind


The Doorkeeper’s Mind 

To most of the world, Marie is the Doorkeeper who spoke truth to power. Credited with founding the “Stop-the-Lies” movement; her tenacious commitment to truth says it all.

To her colleagues, she is a tower of strength and knowledge. Always loyal, organized, generous, and insightful.

To the few who know some of her secrets and share her focus on the bigger picture, she’s The One. To them, she represents the next stage in human development—leading us into the future.

To her enemies, who are increasing in number and influence, Marie poses an obstacle to their goals. One to be controlled or eliminated.

But to Marie, in those moments of personal reflection, she judges herself as anxious, perplexed, disorganized, and distressed by compromises of her integrity. Where will it all end?

The Doorkeeper’s Mind 

The Doorkeeper’s Mind is the second in the Sheltered Cities Series. Set in the near future, after major crisis ushered in “The Plan for The Future.” The Plan required the elimination of greed as the driving force of our culture. In its place, The Plan installed the common good as the metric for all activities economic, political, or social.

The forces seeking to return to power have grown in influence and resources. They have targetted a small band of scientists, security agents, and financial officers. Amazingly the one who rises to take on the “detractors” is a new Doorkeeper — doing her job and speaking the truth (well not all the truth but some it).

Both Print and e-book versions of the Doorkeeper’s Mind include a list of characters and a glossary of terms.



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