Morrow refers to “near future” (literally the next day). It seemed like an appropriate name for one writing Speculative Fiction. Focusing on things a few decades from now brings both openness (envisioning a more collaborative and respectful world) and challenges (to be somewhat realistic).

There is the Science Fiction element to these stories, particularly in the capabilities of a few characters. However, virtually nothing about the situation is impossible now or in a few years.

Retired after 43 years working with volunteer and non-profit organizations as a consultant, trainer, troubleshooter, and interim manager. I decided to spend the next decade or so telling stories that might point to some improvements in life.

I live in Wichita, Kansas with my wife, two corgies and two cats. We enjoy reading, walking the dogs, traveling, and soaking up life.

E. L. Morrow is a pen name because my real name is hard to spell and very forgettable.


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