I have long been fascinated by the power of stories. They transport us to places that do not exist or carry us to times long past. Such journies remind us to consider our values, relationships, and the possibility of different realities.

I write stories about a possible future. Not one consumed by darkness, or even the neglect, abuse and greed of today. Not exactly utopia, but not a dystopian future where we must look for a hero to save us.

The Doorkeeper’s Secrets…

is the first of the Sheltered Cities novels, available since November 2017. Set nearly 70-years in the future, humankind is addressing issues neglected too long, and discovering strengths often overlooked.

The Doorkeeper’s Mind…

the story picks up with the greedy seeking to undo the economic justice principles of the Plan, which has guided the society for nearly five decades. The young Doorkeeper finds herself “in over her head” because she can not ignore the pending disaster.